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Maple Syrup Calgary Good Stuf
Good Stuff Maple Syrup Calgary
Maple Syrup Calgary


We sell pure Quebec maple syrup in Calgary. Straight from the farm - one farm. None of this maple flavoured corn syrup or blended maple syrup nonsense. 

We bring pure Quebec maple syrup - or the real stuff - to Calgary. 


All of the syrups that Good Stuff Maple Products sell are straight from founder - Robert Desbiens' family farm in Rimouski, Quebec. They are 100% pure and have no water, sugar or glucose added.


Come find us at the various Calgary and area Farmers Markets and have a taste of our maple syrup or fall in love with our maple cinnamon rolls or maple butter tarts. Yes, Maple butter tarts.


Can't make it to the market? Not to worry, take a look around our website or shoot us an email. 


Robert Desbiens - Joyce Wright

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